Writing the Perfect Online Dating Profile

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How to make the perfect dating profile


Gone are days when you had to start the conversations with corny pickup lines, only to discover that the person is in a relationship. Online dating has changed the dating game forever. These apps give you a chance to find your perfect match from the comfort of your bed. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it is true, but even from the comfort of your bed, you need to put in some effort because hey! Nothing good comes without a struggle. To find the perfect individual, you need a perfect dating profile. With thousands of people joining the dating apps daily, yours can quickly get overshadowed.

So, your profile needs to be unique- something that can strike the interest of your potential future partner and compel them to hit you up. Writing an online dating profile can be daunting, especially when you haven't done it before. But don't worry because we have the formula to help you compose your profile and stand out. Once you find out the perfect partner you can always check out how to style together in a relationship 


Pick a good username.

How to make the perfect dating profile


When choosing the username for your profile, remember that it is not casual like Twitter and Snapchat. If your aim behind joining the dating app is a serious relationship, ensure that your username reflects that. No matter how good your bio is, having vague usernames like "@fartboy69" or "sexy4life" will not get you any positive attention. 

So, put some thought into it and pick a meaningful username. If you can't come up with anything, use your name with some special characters, and you are good to go.


Describe yourself, your hobbies, and the type of relationship you want. 

How to make the perfect dating profile


There are many profiles on dating apps with just a couple of pictures, names, and ages. Well, guess what? No matter how attractive you are, such little information will not get you anywhere. The second step toward building the perfect dating profile is to describe your character traits. Do you think you are witty, romantic, and outgoing? Jot it all down for the audience. If this seems too daunting, you can ask your friends to help describe you.

 Next, you need to tell the audience what you are passionate about. Remember, there is no point in lying or making your hobbies or passions sound extravagant. Whether you like to read poetry or stroll in the park, jot it down. I personally wrote that I like shopping for twinning t-shirts in my dating profile, which turned out to be well. Your perfect match will find your hobbies interesting- no matter what they are. Lastly, don't shy away from talking about your requirements. Let people know if you want a long-term relationship, a hookup, or anything. One mistake that people often make is oversharing about their life. Always keep in mind that your bio needs to portray your personality only. There is no need to tell people about the number of relationships you've been in or how many kids you have. Such information can make your potential partner run in the opposite direction, so be careful.


Be specific and let your pictures do the talking.

How to make the perfect dating profile


If you have mentioned in your bio that you love adventure, don't let the vague statement sit there without any description. People love detail, so instead of "I love adventure," write something like, "My love for adventure took me on a hike to Tongariro National Park in New Zealand." Make sure you add pictures of your experience in your profile too. This will increase your chances of attracting a person who is just as adventurous and fun-loving as you. 

If you haven't been on an adventure, there is no need to lie. Just tell people about the places you have on the bucket list, and maybe your soulmate will send a quirky message saying, "let's tick off the boxes together. ;)"


Describe the type of person you want to meet. 

How to make the perfect dating profile


Once you've written an outline of yourself, it is time to describe your potential soulmate. But wait a second. Before you start writing things like 5.9, Blonde, fit, no glasses," st op and hear us out!

There is a lot more to a person than their physical appearance. While handsome features and sexy body sound appealing, it's the right vibe that people crave. This is why many individuals fall head over heels for those who look complete of their "ideal type." If you are looking for a serious relationship, think of things you want your partner to practice in the long run.

So if you are a gym freak, you can write something like looking for someone who loves to stay fit. Or, if you fear God and wish for a religious partner, say, looking for someone who believes in God and has a good connection with him. 

Lastly, do not forget to write about things that are absolute deal breakers for you. For example, if you can not tolerate someone who smokes pot, make it clear to avoid any inconvenience.


Do not be negative.

How to make the perfect dating profile


Negativity is a trait that no one wants in their life partner. So when you write your dating profile, make sure that there is not an ounce of negative or snarky comment in there. Using sentences like, "joined the app only because my friend forced me to," is not sexy at all. Such things give off a poor impression and make it seem like you are not interested in dating.

Everything from your display picture to your bio must reflect positivity because that's the only way to grab the attention of the perfect partner.


Make sure there are no grammatical errors.

How to make the perfect dating profile


Don't get too excited, and post your profile as soon you finish writing your profile. You may not be a grammar nazi, but bad grammar is a major turn-off for some people.

A dating survey by Zoosk revealed that 72% of dating app users avoid messaging profiles with spelling errors, and 48% consider poor grammar a deal breaker. So, don't let your hours of hard work go to waste. Either check for errors yourself or run it through online grammar checking apps.

This is it. Use these tips to create an attention-grabbing online dating profile and get ready to meet your perfect match.  

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