Best Gifts for your Friends & Family This Diwali

Best Gifts for your Friends & Family This Diwali - Hangout Hub



Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. It is a festival of colors and joy, and it marks the win of light & joy over darkness and hatred. The five days of Diwali are expected to bring peace & prosperity to every Hindu household. The history of Diwali is associated with the great Battle of God Ram and the Sri Lankan King Raavan. The great epic of 'Ramayana' depicts how Ravaan's ego is the cause of his defeat against the great Lord Ram. Its a story of how Ram manages to rescue his wife from the torments of Raavan. The Hindu Mythology believes the story is associated from the holy region of Ayodhya, India. People celebrate this festival by lighting candles, colorful lightings & chandeliers & lanterns, wearing new clothes, lighting fire crackers, exchanging sweets, visiting relatives. In today's era where we have lost the touch of bonding and togetherness  this festival is one of the great ways of reuniting with our great past and with our loved ones. Although the whole feel of Diwali has a lost a bit of touch but still we believe that one should take some time out of his or her life for her family, friends & loved ones during this Diwali Season and make them feel special and precious. 


Top 5 things You can Gift this Diwali 

Gifts are a really great way to express your love and fondness towards a certain person. People face a lot of issues and are always in a dilemma and are always confused by the process of purchasing gifts. People believe gifts do not have to extravaganza or huge or anything dynamic, but in fact they just simply have to be personal, something which clearly helps you show your unique feelings towards those people who you love and admire. 


A basic purpose of a watch is to tell one the time, but people may argue that one can do that on the phone as well so what is the logic behind using a watch. So basically a watch does provide you with the time but also has many additional perks. A watch is a gift which stays with someone for a long period of time and whenever that person looks at his/her watch to check the time it might remind them of you. 

Watches complete ones wardrobe and an outfit can only be considered complete with a watch. Watches are a simple way of showing class & sophistication. They never go out style providing you the confidence that many lack. There are many types of watches like Analog, Digital, Quartz, Pilot, Luxury, Field, etc. Now days we also have smart watches which help you keep track of your calories, heart rate, steps and what now. Today many people suffer from diseases and obesity is a major concern for most people, in this crisis these smart watches help you track your calories and keep you aware of your body parameters up to a certain level. IWatches, Samsung Smart watches, Garmin are the best way to go if you are looking for a smart watch while Rado, Armani, Rolex are one of the most premium watch brands across the globe. 

 It comes with many strap variants like leather, rubber, wooden ceramic, nylon, titanium etc. They range from 500 too 500000 but a branded watch has its initial prices starts from around 2000. Titan, Fossil, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger are one of the famous brands in our country.


Clothing - Modern & Ethnic

Clothing is a huge criteria so we do not want to confuse you all with how to proceed ahead with this when you have around 10000 different options present in the market. Diwali is all about wearing new clothes but its also about looking beautiful together.

Now days people gift each other matching clothing so that the whole family wears the same or similar color or pattern scheme. Many buy the same T-shirts too, with expressive and touching messages written on them so that they can twin together in fashion and make the best of the festival. This is the modern method of celebrating Diwali with your family. You can give this a try too and create some amazing memories together. 

Also giving someone a nice kurta or a saree really works well. Traditional clothes have a different warmly feel to them. There are many different types of kurtas from khadi which come in cotton and polycotton to silk ones. And there are a huge range of sarees available in the market from cotton to silk & chiffon. There range from 1000 and can even go up to 100000. But gifting someone ethnic clothing in Diwali is truly amazing. 


Wallet & Belt Set 

I know we are getting a bit specific in this and you all must be wondering why are we recommending a wallet and a belt together.  Well firstly we would like to clarify that giving only one of those two would work but we just feel that a set of both would be a better way to go. Both belt and wallet have basic purposes which are not required to be described but a combo of both feels like a gift set which is more appealing for occasions like Diwali. Gucci and Hermes have the most established premium market share across the globe when it comes to wallets and belts but in India we have brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, Raymond, U.S. Polo, Hidesign, Titan. 


Handbags & Purses  

Well which woman does not like a good handbag, personally we don't know a single one and frankly speaking its nearly impossible to find one. Handbags and purses have a basic purpose of placing all the desirable objects together in a single convenient 'bag'. But we all know that basic purpose is a ship that has long sailed and today these bags are a huge fashion statement for women. These bags are also considered a gesture of romance, most of today's handbags that we see had their identity established in the late nineties in Paris. Hermes was one the first brands to get into this industry at a huge scale, the top premium fashion bags which have made their mark in the industry are Luis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Versace, Dolce Gabbana and many more. In India we have to major sellers Hidesign & Baggot playing a major role in women's Fashion Industry. 



Although this is our last preference we do recommend you giving this to someone depending on the relation. A mobile in today's world can be considered a part of the human body itself, we are basically surrounded by mobiles. We are on them all the time & without them we feel lost and disconnected. From our office mails to our social media lives, from booking a cab to ordering food its all on our phone. These little electronic devices have made our life super easy over the past years but at the same time they are some how responsible for this electronic obsessed environment of ours.

A basic phone ranges from 5000 & goes up to 1.5 lakhs. In our opinion electronics specially phones are double edged swords and although there are pro's and con's about this, phones are one of the best gifts which can be given to someone you love. And if you have a girlfriend, personally we feel that an IPhone is the way to her heart. 



Diwali is a festival of love and joy and we only want to tell you that please spend this time with your family, friends & loved ones, because at the end of the day being with them, together is the best and the most precious gift which you can offer.  

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