What are some basic principles of Fashion?

What are some basic principles of Fashion? - Hangout Hub

"We Should Dress Up More In Our Daily Lives": Giorgio Armani

When Mr Armani says something, we listen, and we hear well! All fashion icons viewed the world differently. They found what was missing in the fashion lexicon. They experimented with various forms, styles, textures and cuts till they arrived at defining types– both breathtaking and wearable. Stuff that made them legendary and inimitable.

For fashion-conscious men, it's essential to know the basics of fashion so that you can dress appropriately for any occasion and still feel confident in what you're wearing. Here's the men's ultimate style guide, the basic principles that will help you nail your fashion game every time.

Match the colours of your top and bottom wear

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

Matching the colours of your top and bottom wear is a great way to look together. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a colour for each part that goes well with the other. For example, if you have a navy blue jacket, it would be best to wear navy blue pants as well. Experiment with different shades of the same colour to produce the pleasing ombre effect in your outfit.

However, there are some exceptions where matching colours can be tricky: black jackets or pants will work well with any other colour, but red tees or shirts cannot match with white bottoms since the contrast between them is extreme.

Wear clothes that match your energy level

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

When it comes to fashion, wearing clothes that match your energy level is critical. You want to wear clothes that make you feel good and are appropriate for the occasion. For example, wear something fun if you're in a happy mood and want to look stylish! If you want others to take special notice of you, then wear a statement jacket or footwear. 

When starting on your style discovery journey, then, If possible, try wearing clothes with classic lines. You will easily fit into any situation without breaking too many style rules! Start with the basics, then break away into anything you find comfortable or have fun wearing.

Make sure you like the clothes you choose

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

You must wear clothes that you like. You should not wear something just because someone else told you to or because it looks good on television. Instead of following trends, think about what makes sense for your body type and style preferences. If a specific colour does not suit you well, then don't worry too much!

Also, you will hardly go wrong with solid tees in the colours– black, white, olive, or navy blue. Have a couple of them or more in your wardrobe for an easy pick. They are your go-to when you want to look fashionable without trying too hard.

Match casual clothes with casual shoes

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

It's essential to match your casual clothes with the right shoes. This can be done in a few ways:

● Matching your shoes to the occasion.

For example, if you wear a suit, match it with dressy-casual shoes such as loafers or oxfords. If you want to wear jeans and sneakers, go for brand-name athletic sneakers instead of cheap knockoffs that won't last long before they start falling apart! (Don't forget your footwear, apart from being the most noticeable fashion accessory, also takes care of your health)

● Matching your shoes to the weather.

While exercising outdoors in warm weather (or not), we recommend wearing something more stylish than gym shorts because they leave no room for error when working out; instead, opt for some excellent athletic apparel like tights or leggings underneath so that there's less chance of getting sweaty (and maybe even windy) during exercise sessions outdoors on hot days.

Wear clothes that fit your body and personality

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

Buy clothes that fit your body and your personality. If you don't like the shape your body is in, make some necessary changes to your lifestyle and train your body to look the way you want it to be. Keep space for your cheat days on your diet plan.

Soon, your fit body will transform your personality completely. Branded or unbranded clothes won't make a significant difference then– your body and personality will speak for themselves. Here are some fashion tips for oversized women which will help you till you loose that weight.

Buy clothes that fit your budget

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

You may have to sacrifice style for price or vice versa; it's vital to ensure you're getting what's best for both parties involved. Get some help from friends when trying on new clothing items—they can help guide where you should start looking when shopping around town! 

Have a fashion budget that fits your needs and allows for fun purchases! Go for some printed t-shirts for men if you are into one-liners.

Be considerate when dressing for any occasion

Be considerate of others and the occasion. Be thoughtful about your body type and personal style, including what you like to wear and how comfortable it is. Buy clothes that fit the occasion. (For example, if you're going to an interview, wear a suit and tie or pair a formal shirt with formal trousers.)

Make it sharp and tense at times

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

Yes, the chocolate boy looks good on casual outings or when lounging comfortably at home. Wear sibling t-shirts with your brother or sister for fun. At work, it's a different ball game, though. Your clothes speak volumes for you before you do. It's a good idea to look edgy and sharp at times.

Get a bespoke Navy Blue suit for presentations demanding loud applause from you. Get that extra clout with something classically fashionable when your work requires you to go the extra mile.

Care about Slow Fashion

It's always sexy when a man cares! Caring about nature is a major green flag. If you make decent money, then instead of spending your cash on fast fashion, invest your money in sustainable clothing that can be part of your wardrobe for at least 5 years without looking dated.

The Fashion Industry is infamous for its contribution to world pollution. If possible, don't become part of the problem and consume less (and buy smartly!)

Observe what kind of street fashion stands out for you

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

Sometimes, the best fashion inspiration comes from great observation. The more you see people on the streets and notice what makes your head turn, the more clues you will find to your own fashion sense. 

They are like walking-talking mannequins for your reference points, telling you what might look fashionable on you (and what might be a disaster for your body type or personality!)

Take care of your clothes

Wash your priced clothes often. Always iron out your wrinkled clothes. Do not leave your clothes out in the sun for too long. It's not about whether you can afford to buy more clothes or not, and it's more to do with genuinely valuing what you have.

If you love your clothes, wear them often and take care of them like they mean something to you.

Golden Words of Wisdom

A Guide on Men's Fashion - Hangout Hub

For men, clothing is a way to express their personality and taste. You should also consider what type of person you are because this can make or break how well your clothes fit. 

And if "Clothes maketh the man." then men and women make them before they evolve into making meanings of their own depending on the wearer. So take control and create new fashion rules that best show different facets of your personality. 

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