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Brother Sister Matching Outfits for 2022

Brother and sister matching outfits have always been popular with toddlers, but they're starting to become more and more in demand with preschoolers and young school-aged children. Your siblings are your best friends—and they're even better when they match! These four brother sister matching outfits will help you turn your little ones into the cutest twins on the block.

Brother sister matching outfits are the cutest! If you have kids or nieces, it's so fun to dress them alike and snap pictures of them doing fun activities together or playing in their beautiful home. We've gathered several different outfits that you can try on your brother-sister duo, or you can use them as inspiration to create your matching outfits! These outfits work best for kids about ten years old and younger, but if you want to get crazy, try pairing adult siblings!

The three rules to follow

Rule #1: Always match your shoes and handbag. So, I guess now we can't wear our Ugg's anymore.

Rule #2: You can switch out tops and skirts, but pants and jackets always match (even in different colors). Siblings should never wear two different pants or jacket combos. 

Rule #3: ALWAYS coordinate your jewelry. That means a matching bracelet, necklace, earrings, AND rings. 

The only time it's okay to break these rules is if you're wearing an all-white ensemble; you can have a touch of color with your accessories.

Shoes and Accessories

There's no need to break the bank when picking out matching brother-sister outfits. Look for coordinate accessories, such as bracelets and rings or pocket squares and scarves. You can also save money by buying clothes from our store. 

When shopping online, look for sales—even if it's just on shipping costs—and search discount codes before placing an order. 

What about shoes? You can take advantage of big sales, especially around holidays like the back-to-school season, or browse second-hand stores that offer gently used pairs in great condition. Another and the best way to save money is to purchase footwear from your kids' current shoe size or a size up. 

That way, you won't have to worry about them outgrowing their new shoes before wearing them out! If you shop online and it's been a while since your last shoe purchase, use promo codes. Frequently companies will offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount on their site, which can add up if you're making multiple purchases (or if those pairs just happened to match).

Shoes are an integral part of outfits. If you or your sibling is wearing heeled shoes, pick flat ones, so you match in height. On occasions like a wedding, where all your friends and family will be in formal clothing, both siblings must appear and complement each other's style. Choosing matching outfits saves time and makes brother sister matching outfits look stunning on both of you!

Mixing Colors with Brothers & Sisters

Not all brothers and sisters can share clothes. They might be of different heights or have different tastes in clothing. Because of these variations, it's important to maintain a sense of individuality when choosing brother-sister matching outfits. It can be done by selecting two key pieces: a brightly colored item that can be worn with any other item and coordinating shoes. 

You don't want them wearing completely matching outfits because you don't want people thinking they're twins! But you also don't want them having vastly different preferences either – what if one wants to wear a jacket while another wants shorts? Make sure your children feel comfortable in their outfits by considering these factors!

If your children are interested in coordinating their outfits, you'll need to plan accordingly. Make sure they have clothing that can be easily mixed and matched without buying identical clothing items or customizing them too much. Choosing colors that go together well is also important – if one child likes blue, another red, and another green, you should use those colors as a starting point for coordinating outfits.

Personal Style vs. Sibling Style

While some people have styles that match quite well, not all siblings share a similar aesthetic. Dressing your siblings in complementary outfits is a great way to show off your style while still having them look alike on special occasions. 

Beige is best: While it's no surprise that black and white go together just as well as blue and red do when it comes to siblings matching outfits, don't be afraid of beige, brown, or tan tones.

Be bold, not bland: Many people believe that siblings matching outfits need to be in a muted or neutral tone, but that's not true. While solid blacks, whites, and nudes may suit your aesthetic, try layering some patterned accessories on top or even wear a bright-colored belt to make your outfit stand out. Both go well with black and brown tones without being too bright to coordinate. 

Wear subtle prints: Patterns don't have to scream; look at me! To match siblings' outfits, though sometimes they can if they're bold enough. 

However, if you want your sibling outfits to blend in without becoming boring, stick with small patterns like geometric shapes or dots, which add interest without overwhelming either outfit individually.

Final Tips

Styling is all about identifying your own personal style and incorporating it into a matching outfit idea. I recommend taking photos of yourself dressed in an outfit you like and using those images as inspiration for styling a future sibling matching outfit. Identify your own personal fashion sense by thinking about color schemes, patterns, textures, clothing items and accessories (hats, necklaces, etc.), or specific silhouette choices (i.e., cropped tops paired with high waisted bottoms). 

From there, you can translate your style into a brother sister matching outfit image. Take your time. The first few siblings matching outfits ideas you put together might feel a little bit intimidating, but that's okay! Don't be afraid to cancel an idea and start anew. And if you have questions, ask a friend or family member who can offer feedback on your styling choices. Styling is all about personal expression, so have fun with it!

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