How far does brand matter in clothing?

How far does brand matter in clothing? - Hangout Hub
How far does brand matter in clothing - Hangout Hub

Branding is the world that weaves a positive narrative and perception around the products and services a company offers. It's related to marketing your products of a certain quality and having definable features like a prominent logo or an exclusive retail experience. The conversation regarding lineage, history and popularity all converge at the centre point of discussion about branding.
Studies have shown many social benefits attached to wearing recognizable brands.

People tend to find wearing branded clothes worthy of favourable treatment— responding to their calls and concerns more positively. The impression of such people is that of a dominant and powerful one insisting on such people having higher economic prowess and, thus, a greater say in the decision-making process. However, one can argue that the absence of branded clothes is not exactly a deal-breaker for a person with a strong personality. People who wear clothes without labels are perceived to be more grounded— a feature attached to increased likeability.

How far does brand matter in clothing - Hangout Hub

Clothes are about creating an image, a persona that works for one's advantage. Branding is majorly about correlating your outward appearance with your inner values. Good branding is related to building an image that makes interaction with people a shared one— the other person retracting their memories of the brand and, according to them, to you. This works as an ice-breaker wherein certain brand personas can be attached to the people involved in the conversation. Let's try to understand the differences between branded and non-branded clothing. From the psychology of wearing branded clothes to its mass consumption and environmental concerns, brands are creating a new breed of consumers shaping the future of fashion.

A luxury brand evokes associations of the finest and the most trustworthy in the market— an investment with the promise of lasting for years. It's a transformative experience for some new consumers who are perceived as capable of purchasing exclusive items. It signals a higher status in society. A non-branded piece of clothing, though it can most possibly last for years too, is more of a gamble than an assurance— this is the main difference between branded and non-branded clothing. Also, the common perceptions surrounding non-branded clothing aren't palatable— the products are of inferior quality with less or no social benefits implied.

How far does brand matter in clothing - Hangout Hub

However, a new wave of consumers is trying to go beyond the foreign tags and invest in products made in India. Their concerns are different from the generations before. Yet, they are keen to imbibe traditions modelled in a modern manner. Instead of putting their money into expensive brands, they are going local. Local brands tend to cater to native people as the designs are based on local motifs and textiles. It can be limiting as the designs might not be received eagerly by an international clientele. With an increased vigour towards using high-quality products at the manufacturing end, taking into account the artisans' well-being, consumers are now trusting hyper-local brands.

Also, the new consumers know the importance of becoming self-sufficient as a nation. Branding has taken a different undertone in that context wherein the labelling of products is indigenous. The importance of branding has undergone a massive change in the area of marketing wherein the consciousness of the nation-first narrative is skilfully fitted into the psyche of the current and potential consumers. In clothing, building a brand helps a long way in identifying repeat or most likely-to-buy consumers. It doesn't matter if you sell something with a high or low price tag. As long as your efforts are directed toward satisfying your target audience's needs and concerns, your brand's presence will make the right kind of noise in the grapevines.

How far does brand matter in clothing - Hangout Hub

We are always choosing one brand over another. Some brands have an extensive reach over others as they have been in the market for longer periods and have dedicated marketing teams for their worldwide proliferation. However, branding with the free internet era has speeded up, and newer brands are gaining a good percentage of consumers. Social media has changed the game, and newer brands are employing measures to grab eyeballs. This has been favourable in creating an idea of ever-changing branding that needs immediate catering to the needs of the younger consumer base.

Branding in clothes matters not in the presence of logos but rather in products of superior quality and design value. Today, the youth will spend their money on clothes that feel good to touch, are well-fitted and are successful in creating the impressions imagined by the wearers. Also, the conscious consumer is more inclined towards experiences rather than expensive credit card swipes. They would rather buy matching family t-shirts than brand logo t-shirts.

How far does brand matter in clothing - Hangout Hub

In the end, the person beneath the imagined persona counts in the long run. Personal values, principles and ethos are the building blocks upon which the true success of an individual depends. Clothing then is more of an accessory than a major deciding factor contributing towards the journey of your personal and professional life cycle.

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