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Women's fashion can be dated as far back as the 18th century and beyond, with puffed sleeves and empire waist gowns. It's safe to say that women have been empowered and indulged in fashion for generations and in various civilizations. But with the evolving trends in today's day and age, keeping track of the latest fashion can be difficult. Luckily, we have put together a few top fashion tips for women that can be implemented quickly.

Whether for a night out with your girl pals, Sunday brunch with family, or even while going to work, dressing up chic and glamorous can build confidence and help you look beautiful and calm.

Though many women have the natural inclination of what fits them and what does not when it comes to fashion, the little things of styling and accessorizing can make the difference. From formal wear to casual outdoor looks, fashion can be incorporated in various ways.

And this article tells you exactly how to efficiently coordinate fashion in your day-to-day outfits and routines. To keep looking elegant and in vogue every time you step out.

Look for Inspiration

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Many times can be frightening as well as exhilarating. Transitioning outside your usual mould can be a complex process, and when it comes to changing how you usually dress or adopting a new style can be overwhelming. When in doubt, you can always look for inspiration from famous personalities associated with the fashion world.

They can be runway models, celebrities, sports icons, politicians, TV anchors, co-workers, fashion influencers, and many more. You can draw inspiration from anyone you view as well-dressed and fit your fashion sense and style.

A clear framework of the type of fashion you want to incorporate into your style can be beneficial. And adopting techniques from individuals you admire can be less daunting than starting from scratch.

Know your Fashion Style

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Once you have gathered inspiration, it is time to identify your fashion preferences. It is essential to be clear on your fashion sense as they portray to the outside world your very own personal branding.

The fashion and styles you incorporate showcase your inner strength, qualities, and skill sets to the outside world - especially when you are dressing for the corporate world. Looking sharp and elegant can convey an image of a serious work attitude.

In accordance with that, if you're dressing for a vacation at the topicals, a floral sundress or tank top with skinny jeans would present a free-spirited image. While at a party with friends, a sequined dress or lace top would project an image of sophistication and grace.

If you don't yet have a fashion style, explore these popular types for women:

· Casual fashion style

· Bohemian fashion style

· Vintage fashion style

· Minimalistic fashion style

· Business fashion style

· Artsy fashion style

· Chic fashion style

Know your Body Shape

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Regarding fashion tips for women, there is nothing better than wearing clothes that bring out your best assets. Knowing the shape of your body can help you choose clothes that can flatter and enhance your curves.

In addition, it can also avoid the purchase of ill-fitting clothes. You can narrow down the best fashion style for your body by identifying which clothes work and which don't.

The trick to finding the best-suited clothes for your body is to find balance. Wear loose tops or sweaters while balancing your lower half with skirts or slim jeans if you have broad shoulders or a bigger bust. In contrast, if you're lower body holds more weight, try wearing oversized jackets or shirts.

The critical aspect is that no matter what you wear, choosing clothes that offer comfort and are chic and stylish can make you feel great.

Invest in Quality Clothes

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Fashion is not only about what looks good on your body but also about your comfort level. And two things can bring about this change, form-fitting clothes and quality clothes.

As creatures of habit, we tend to shop for cheap or discounted clothes when the opportunity arises. That is absolutely fine, but some half-priced stores or outlets do not always have the best quality clothes to offer for a lower price.

You don't want your clothes ripped or damaged at important events because of poor quality. Therefore, it is vital to invest in quality clothes that can assure quality and sustain for a long time.

Try Form-Fitting Clothes

If you're going for strategic shopping with endless fashion choices, make sure you buy clothes that are form-fitting and can enhance your body type. Well-fit clothes work for all occasions and can be coordinated by matching them with different patterns and accessories.

Form-fitting clothes can be perfect if you're looking for fashion choices for a romantic dinner, a glam night with friends, or a date night. With the right fashion style, they can not only be comfortable but also help highlight your curves like no other.

Some of the trending form-fitting clothes you should have on your shopping Wishlist are:

· Sheath dress

· Bodycon dress

· Pencil dress

· Tube dress

· Bandage dress

· Ribbed t-shirts

· Bodysuits

Go for Different Patterns and Colours

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

If you're bored with your clothes having the same patterns and moody colours of black and grey, then it's time to switch to more fun and vibrant fashion styles. Patterns on clothes can be visually pleasing with elaborate designs. And by mismatching different patterns and colours can be even more exciting and unique.

But it should be noted that, if not appropriately matched, your patterns can clash with the rest of your outfit by looking flashy. To evenly balance out the styles, you can opt for one or two main patterns and work around them.

Some of the patterns and colours used frequently in women's fashion are:

· Stripes

· Printed T Shirts

· Checks

· Floral

· Gingham

· Purple

· Pink

· Orange

· Grey

· Silver

Don't be afraid to Explore and Experiment

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Understanding fashion and creating your own style may not always be what you anticipate. If you're frustrated that no clothes seem to suit you, and all patterns and colours look wrong on you, then don't be. Building your image takes time and effort and often happens by trial and error.

In the meantime, you can kick-start your journey into the fashion world and find your style by exploring and experimenting with what's already available in your closet.

You can also visit a store and try different types of clothes that you have never tried before. And before long, you might find a comfortable, stylish, and show-stopping style.

Incorporate Layers

Layering your clothes can transform your outfit from simple to stunning. Though it can be a complex style to master, it isn't impossible. The right clothing choices can turn them into an ensemble worthy of a glam night.

Layers were mainly used during winter to ward off the cold and safely keep your body heat trapped inside. But layers have become a fashion sensation in levitating plain clothes and turning the outfits into street-style fashion statement pieces.

Some of the ways you can incorporate layers with the rest of your outfit are:

· Try wearing a long pea coat over a silk blouse and skinny jeans.

· Long trench coat over a wrap dress paired with winter boots.

· Classic sweater layered with a bomber jacket.

· Tailored blazer on top of loungewear.

Always have Classic Clothes on Hand

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Classic clothes are timeless and elegant, no matter what day and age; they are the go-to fashion statement pieces when you're in a fashion crisis, like a white tee for women. They are also comfortable and familiar, making them the most preferred fashion choices for women.

If you do not yet have any classic pieces in your closet, you're missing out on fashion that never gets old. They include elegant cuts, simple designs, clean silhouettes, neutral colours, neat hems, and minimal accessories.

Some of the must-have classic clothes and accessories in your closet are:

· White Women's t-shirt

· Little black dress

· Denim jackets

· Leather jackets

· Pumps

· Ballet flats

· Purses of black and grey colour with minimalistic embellishments.

The Importance of Jackets

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

A jacket is one of the most essential fashion pieces for a stylish lady. Though they may be used as a part of your ensemble, they effectively protect you from cold at a late-night party or cover your outfit if it's too much skin.

Jackets can also serve as fashion pieces when matched with appropriate outfits. Leather jackets paired with miniskirts provide an edgier and chic look.

For business and work-related occasions, go for tailored blazers or trench coats. As for downtime with friends and family, try denim jackets and tops and jeans.

Prepare Outfits in Advance.

The struggle of trying to find something to wear on a busy morning is a pain every woman knows well. Avoid getting late to work by preparing your outfits a day before or on weekends. You can purchase a combo of t shirts and then plan & style them accordingly.

You can assemble your clothes according to the occasion, such as casuals, party wears, and work clothes, and hang them separately in your closet. With organized pre-assembled garments ready to be worn, you can sleep in late or have a relaxed day and not worry about the morning rush.

Style with Accessories

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

Accessories have the power to transform your plain outfit into a sophisticated and elegant ensemble. They need not be too flashy or over the top; just the right amount of accessories will do.

Once you have finished coordinating your clothes, accessories are the last finishing touch to complete your outfit and bring it into a fashionable package.

Some of the famous fashion accessories for women are:

· Jewelry

· Shoes

· Hats

· Bags or purse

· Sunglasses

 Learn how to Dress Down and Dress Up

You don't always have to dress perfectly when you're getting ready to go out. Dress-down can include a short walk to the park, grocery shopping, or a trip to the nearby store. Wear comfortable off-duty outfits such as loungewear, joggers, sweatshirts, or leggings.

When you do not know the dress protocol for an occasion or event, it's best to dress up. Elegant and stylish wear always trumps casuals when you're in an unfamiliar setting.

Prioritize Comfort before Fashion

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub

No matter how beautiful and exotic the dress is, if it's not comfortable, it's best to move along with other choices. Because being comfortable for a woman takes top priority over fashion and style. Being able to move freely and feel comfortable in your own skin is more important than feeling miserable in a gorgeous tight-fitted dress.

When shopping for clothes, make sure you have a couple of comfortable clothes such as loungewear, sweatshirts, sweat pants, wide-leg jeans, half sleeve t-shirts, etc.

Create a Fashion-Centric Closet Space

Create a space in your closet that can house all your proud fashion statement pieces. With an organized space for your clothes, assembling them into categories such as office wear, casuals, and party wear can help keep your closet from clutter.

You can even install a full-length mirror and have your own dress-fitting space and a walk-in closet. Keep your accessories in a separate drawer or box for easy accessibility. Try discarding clothes that you no longer use.

Fashion Tips for Women - Hangout Hub


For women, wading through the hustle and bustle of life and donning the cap of a mother, a daughter, and a businesswoman can be an overwhelming task. Wearing a choice of clothes that offer comfort and look gorgeous and chic can help boost strength and confidence to strive forward. 

Saying all this Fashion tips for Men are equally Important and men's fashion should not be neglected, so if you are a man reading this article or if you know know a guy who can improve their fashion sense we have something great for you in our other article.

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