The Bond between Father and Son

The Bond between Father and Son - Hangout Hub

It was always said, “God could not be present at every place and hence he created mothers.” no one can deny this. However, while praising and adoring all the mothers and women of the world, we should never forget what fathers mean and ever meant to a family.

Men are different from women. Their approaches to different things are different. They love, communicate, adore, and show affection just like every mother does. Just in a different way. Mothers mostly express all their feelings without any hesitation which is the reason children grow more affectionate toward their mothers.

However, fathers in most cases suppress their expressions. Just expression of love, not love. They do try to open up a little towards the daughters or be a little expressive. But the suppression becomes particularly noticeable in a son’s relationship with his father. . Improve your mutual understanding and learn things from each other. You can start with the little things such as giving them stuff. This can involve gifting matching dad and son t-shirts that are very common these days for sharing moments of love.

They may appear uninterested and distant on the surface, but again, just on the surface. Their feelings are always strong and true for all their children.  Fathers and sons convey love through their actions rather than their words.

Their love is expressed in a subtle way. No matter how the little interactions, that little shared happiness of the favorite cricket team winning is as meaningful to many sons and dads just as hugs and kisses.

They share a bond that does not require to be shown off. They both in their hearts know how much love and adoration they share for each other. The only person a son looks up to in the whole process of growing up is his father. He becomes the idol of the son’s life and tries to follow in his footsteps later in his life.

Importance of a Father-Son relationship

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Children raised with their fathers are more sympathetic and have more control over their life, according to studies. In comparison to those who do not have their fathers' love or supervision, they also perform better in school and have greater motivation.

As a father here are a few tips that will help you make your son a better person:

Significance of Family

Just like the way you have always kept family first. Teach your son the same value of family that is in your eyes. As mentioned before, you are his role model. Just like you tackle situations and stand by your family should inherit from him too.

From a younger age, make him learn what it takes to raise a family. What it takes to transform a house into a home. What it takes to be the pillar of the family. At last, how to respect them and their decisions and love the family. Also all this can be made simpler when you show that you all together and when you feel together, and for that we can go for gifting some family tees and twin together to feel united more than ever !!!!

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Build his Strengths

There will be numerous challenges on your son’s way while growing up. Life will not always be a bed of roses for him to walk on. He needs to learn how to deal with the thorns on the way.

There might be many occurrences in his growing stage that could not be shared with his parents. There your guide will help him to perform well under societal pressure, and being a good citizen in the society would be difficult to manage. So your son can benefit from all of your suggestions.

Even early childhood would need him to make some critical decisions that might have an impact on him. In situations like this, you should guide him throughout to develop his self-confidence and self-esteem. Assure him that it does not matter if he fails.

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Respect and Love the Significant Other

Only you can teach your son this vital lesson. Your treatment of your wife will set the tone for all of his future romantic interactions. He will respect his mother if you treat her with love, empathy, and assistance.

Your film and book choices can also help kids comprehend and respect women by demonstrating your attitude toward society and women. For instance, your choice of books and movies that directs how you see women treated and how should society treat them.

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Define Masculinity in the True Sense

When he's going through a difficult time, provide a sympathetic ear, listen calmly, and reassure him that it's alright to be sad and even cry. You're teaching him that expressing his genuine sentiments isn't a sign of weakness.

Do not ever let him believe in baseless things that say men should not cry.  Enlighten him about every sexuality that exists and teach him to respect them all. Teach him it is okay if someday he falls in love with a man instead of a woman. It will not make him less of a man. It is just a sexual orientation and he should always love himself for who he is. 

Your clothes, sexuality, and choices never make you less masculine. And if that’s not how the society works then let them be. Just live on your own terms not according to societal standards.

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Teach Him how to make the Right Decision

The wrong road can appear to be profitable at first, but it will quickly bring you to the bottom. So, no matter how difficult things become, teach your son to pick the correct way. Demonstrate the value of honesty and integrity to him. Share your personal experiences and applaud your son's smart choices.

Your son may endure a variety of challenges throughout his childhood. So tell him not to be scared to make choice if he is left alone. For instance, you might be excellent in mathematics but your son enjoys painting models and designing dresses. Instead of coming on his way, try to support him from the beginning - whether it is subjected in school or his career path in adulthood.

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Final words

You may have a number of responsibilities both as a parent or son. Taking out time out of your busy schedules might be tiring but for the sake of your loved one, sit and have a serious talk about the situations going on in your lives. Improve your mutual understanding and learn things from each other.

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