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Humans experience rare divinity on Earth. The lucky ones live it through blood or adopted bond between them and their mothers. Mothers treated as the epitomes of God in mythologies would make countless sacrifices for their children, and they would do what even God couldn't.

As we grow up, we should try to switch roles and be present for our moms. We should start seeing them as a complete human beings beyond the label of mother to understand her story and needs.

Let's make our moms happy by doing things that will bring a big smile to their beautiful faces. 


Make her digitally intelligent. 

Remember the alphabet lessons your mom helped you with when you were a primary student? Of course, our memories of those times are blurry, and we don't seem to remember much. But most of us know that it was our moms laying the foundation of schools for us.

It's time to return the favour and make her skilled at the current workings of the world. Show her how to use social media to connect with her old friends and family members, pay bills, book a cab or air tickets, and find content related to her interest areas.

Be patient with her and answer all her questions with great eagerness. Remember, your mom helped you learn things even when you tripped countless times. The whole learning experience would also bring in some light moments between you two. Never miss an opportunity to get closer to your mom.

How to teach your mom to use an app or phone

Take her out for lunch or prepare a meal yourself. 

Wherever we travel in the world, most of us never get over the fragrance of homemade food. In our Indian culture, food is mostly prepared by our moms. Be it a tough day at college/work or a moment of grand celebration, your mom dishes out the most delectable dishes of your choice to make you feel good.

Now that you are all grown-up and have drooled over YouTube and Instagram reels food recipes, why don't you prepare a full-course meal or at least one dish for your mom? You would know her likes and dislikes by now, and moms become excited seeing their kids in the kitchen anyway.

Please keep track of her plans and present her with a mouthwatering surprise when she returns home. If you need to practice more to plate out a dish for her, then postpone your cooking plans. Take her out for lunch to her favourite restaurant or one you think she might like. 

Food therapy works for everyone, and it will indeed work for your mom too. 

How to make food for your make in 5 simple steps

Delve into her past 

No matter at what age we catch ourselves, our eyes go, Bambi, when hearing exciting stories. Our moms were different people with interesting stories of their own in the past. If we, the younger lot, often get nostalgic about our childhood days, imagine how our moms feel about her more youthful days. 

When your mom shares her past story, you will be able to accept her as a person with her dreams, aspirations and silliness. This touch of humanity would make you feel more comfortable around her. 

Your mom will feel heard and seen. She would think that her story matters too. Taking a stroll down her memory lane would make her remember herself beyond her mom's identity. 

Her latent aspirations might get re-fueled, and she might find herself on a self-discovery journey. Sometimes, minor acts bring the most significant change in one's life.

how to make your mom love you

Plan a trip for your mom 

It doesn't have to be super grand, but if your budget allows, why not! Your mom gets enveloped in her home and office activities and wants to take a break but might not know how to plan a trip. Wear matching t shirts on the trip, click some amazing pictures and create awesome memories as well!!!

Use your tech-savvy and research skills to plan a relaxing trip for your mothership. Add on relaxing spa sessions, cab service, all paid meals at the hotel restaurant, and maybe even a jacuzzi attached suite for her to enjoy the trip wholesomely. 

Coordinate with her friends or close family members and float around the idea of a trip. Your mom would be thrilled to know you went the extra mile for her. I never met anyone who didn't look fresh-as-a-pie after a fantastic trip. I bet your mom secretly wishes for you to plan a trip for her. 

how to plana trip with family

Write her a heartfelt letter. 

It pays off to be old-fashioned at times. You won't believe how much your mom will appreciate you writing her a letter. Pen down your feelings for your mom, apologise for your past hurtful actions or show your gratitude towards her in words. 

Don't fret over using polished language. Use simple words and freely express yourself. Tell her all the things that you aren't able to do in person. 

Be nuanced in your writing and mention incidents that made you feel attached to her. Don't be shy, thinking if it would be a tearjerker. What's so wrong with shedding some tears? 

Your mom will feel special. 

Certain things can never go out of style. Writing letters to your loved ones is undoubtedly one of them.

write a letter for your mom

Gift your mom something of value 

Let's go beyond the usual card and give your mom something of value. A matching pair of T-shirts for the family is an excellent place to start. And if you have made some savings or are earning enough, invest in something more solid for her.

Open up a Fixed Deposit (FD) for her or invest in Mutual Funds (MFs). Other valuable gifts could be gold jewellery or a car. Getting her something that is truly useful for her present and future needs is a thoughtful decision.

I would suggest not telling her because moms inherently feel their children shouldn't spend on expensive things, and it's a spin on mom syndrome. So don't ask; just do the needful and then tell her. She will be happy with your decision in the long run. 

what to gift your mom

Say I love you

After all, is said and done, use these three magical words and use them often. We often get busy in our lives and don't make time to tell our moms how much they mean to us.

Please don't wait for tomorrow, do it today, every day. When leaving for college or work, kiss her cheek and say 'I love you to her. If you live outside of your hometown, call her or drop her a text telling her that you miss her and love her. 

As I said, it's the smallest of things that make us feel most special. Be sincere and consistent in showing your love to your mom. 

What would we be if our mothers were not there to help us! Sometimes gently and at other times, with good rebuke. Moms are just the best! 

how to tell your mom that you love her

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