How To Deal With A Toxic Relationship ?

How To Deal With A Toxic Relationship ? - Hangout Hub

How to deal with a toxic relationship - Hangout Hub


Falling in love is wonderful and often times love is an imposter. Yes, we accept toxicity, misbehaviour, being used, being abused and whatnot in the name of love. Sometimes we too are the ones fueling negative emotions and getting into the depression zone yet here we are exclusively talking about the relationships where you are on the receiving end of the toxicity. Moreover, ironically we brush off many things as normal, but later in life, we have to deal with mental issues.


How toxic relationships look like?

Toxicity may present in every connection, encompassing family, acquaintances, and coworkers. To be sure, no relationship can be fully stress-free, but poisonous partnerships are distinct from tough ones. Toxic relationships make you feel unappreciated, misunderstood, diminished, and even harmed. A toxic relationship is harmful at its heart and can harm your mental and emotional wellbeing.


How to deal with a toxic relationship - Hangout Hub

How a toxic relationship can affect you?

When you're continually in a bad situation, dealing with stress and emotional abuse, you may build up a wall between yourself and everyone else. You may be busy with turmoil in the poisonous connection, too unhappy to spend time with others, or just fatigued and not feeling up to it at times. Toxic relationships consume a significant amount of brain space, which is a finite resource. If you're feeling down, you won't want to safeguard and invest in your current bonds. This solitude exacerbates everything. Isolation from others will increase anxiety and sadness.


Cause of toxic relationships

A toxic relationship can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including character abnormalities and mental health problems. Children growing up with narcissistic parents, for example, are steeped in relational poison before they can perceive it.

Even the healthiest people can be badly impacted by toxic relationships. They cause more harm to persons who already have mental health concerns, such as melancholy. Unhealthy relationships can feel hopeless because people are either unaware or in denial. Some people believe they deserve the violence, deprivation, or other cruel treatment. A toxic relationship can be exacerbated by low self-esteem.

Co-dependency and commitment issues are common between two people in a toxic relationship. Only when you feel you deserve respect differently will change occur. Only then can you begin to address the relationship's poisonous tendencies.


How to deal with a toxic relationship - Hangout Hub

Signs of a toxic relationship

 Unpleasant communication

Instead of compassion and mutual respect, the majority of your talks are laced with sarcasm or criticism and fuelled by disdain – a divorce predictor. dependable source

Do you ever notice yourself making snarky remarks to family or friends? When they're in another room, you may ridicule them by repeating what they said. You could even start avoiding their calls just to avoid the usual disputes and anger.


You feel empty

You go to bed hollow and wake up just as terrible. You feel the pain when you see other people doing their happy couple stuff. Why couldn't you find that kind of love? It can, but you must first prepare the way for it to find you. Leaving a relationship is never easy, but remaining in a toxic relationship for too long can destroy any strength, bravery, and conviction you have in yourself. You're stuck once it happens.


They have controlling behaviour

Is your lover always asking you where you are? Perhaps they become frustrated or offended when you don't respond to SMS right away or text you repeatedly until you do.

These actions may be motivated by jealously or a lack of trust, but they may also indicate a desire for control, both of which can lead to partnership toxicity. In some circumstances, these attempts at control may indicate abuse.


There is no efforts

Being on a gym floor does not make you a bodybuilder being present physically in a relationship does not imply an investment in that connection. Separately doing things is sometimes good, but like with other healthy things, too much is too much. When no attempt is made to appreciate you, spend some time with you, and share the things that are important to you, the relationship ceases to give and begins to take too much. There comes a moment when the only way to answer 'Hey, I'm here, aren't I?' is 'Yeah. But it could be better if you weren't.'


How to deal with a toxic relationship?

How to deal with a toxic relationship - Hangout Hub

Contemplate if the relation can be fixed

Toxic relationships may, in fact, change. But there is a major if there. A toxic relationship may be transformed if and only if both parties are equally dedicated to overcome it via open conversation, transparency, consciousness, and potentially professional assistance, both individually and collectively. It will necessitate that everyone of you review your conduct and perform inner work, you will have to make your significant other even realize your worth. If you or your spouse are unable to put out genuine effort, the relationship will not change and should be terminated. Go on a couples trip, wear couple clothing, do couple activities. Try exploring new places, doing new things together, shopping for new clothes, whatever works out for you and if possible rediscover your relationship!!! 


Find your voice

In bad relationships, you may find yourself walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting your partner, which can lead to resentment over time. Take notice if you have nervousness when interacting with your spouse because you are worried of their reaction. In a relationship, it's critical to feel at ease and to be able to express your worries when they arise.


Find a support system

Develop a solid support network. Make a deliberate effort to surround yourself with good, nutritious, happy, and uplifting individuals who can support you to achieve your goals and congratulate your successes.


Do not forget to love yourself

If you're unsatisfied with your negative internal beliefs about yourself, rediscover yourself. It's time to reconsider where you believe your greatest self has fled.

Thoughts influence how you feel and act. It empowers you to become a self-fulfilling prophesy. 

We hope this writeup have helped you in understanding toxic relationships and their impacts on you. Hence, it is best suggested to walk away from such scenarios and look after yourself. The most important thing that you need to do well in life is taking care of yourself, and whenever you challenge the existing pattern of a toxic relationship you are stepping ahead towards a happy life. It is suggested to question your relationships if they are giving you stress instead of happiness. So go out there and be who you want to be!!!

How to deal with a toxic relationship - Hangout Hub

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