Stylish Tips for Plus-Size Women

Stylish Tips for Plus-Size Women - Hangout Hub

If you are chubby, you no longer have to hide in unflattering and baggy clothing - the plus-size trend has long been established, and many well-known labels are adding extra oversize lines to their range.

In addition, more and more brands are emerging that specialize in significant sizes so that everyone can find the perfect look that suits them.

Nevertheless, chubby ladies have a few tips and tricks on how best to style themselves, hide unloved rolls, or bring out the chocolate side optimally. Specific cuts and styles are simply ideal for feminine curves and can also conceal something here and there if desired. Also being over sized or not fashion is for everyone so you could also get into how to become fashionable as a woman and see where are you lagging behind. 

But what exactly are the dos and don'ts, which items of clothing should be found in every closet, and what outfit tips for chubby women do we have ready? Here we would like to briefly introduce you to a few looks and items of clothing that are particularly advantageous for oversizes:


1. A-Line Dresses Hide Wide Hips, Stomach, And Buttocks

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

 A-line dresses are the best and end-all in your closet, especially if you want to throw your tummy away a little. They define a wonderfully feminine style and are available in various colours and designs.

The A-shape is a bit narrower and more pronounced at the top, but the skirt part falls airy and swings in the so-called A-line from below the bust. The effect: A big belly or muscular thighs disappear underneath in no time, and the hips are beautifully waisted.

 A-line dresses with vertical lines are trendy, preferably in two great contrasting colours, because that makes you extra slim.


2. A midi skirt is an absolute must-have

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

The midi skirt is also perfect for skillfully hiding the buttocks, hips, and thighs, preferably in a flowing A-shape. Longitudinal lines and details such as pleated blinds, which have a slimming effect, entice again here.

It is best to wear the midi skirt on the hips and tuck the top, such as a silky blouse, into the hem - this results in a fabulous waist with a wow effect.


 3. Wide trousers are the perfect everyday companion

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

Another must-have for every chubby woman's wardrobe is a pair of roomy, comfortable pants for everyday and casual adventures.

 These can be culottes in an airy 7/8 length for the summer or a pair of Marlene pants with a hip design. Another favourite when it comes to jeans is the boyfriend cut. Dark colours, predominantly black, make the legs look slimmer, while soft, flowing fabrics gently caress them. Wear loose printed t shirts for women as well.

 Dark boyfriend jeans can be optimally combined with a casual print shirt and your favourite comfortable sneakers.



 4. Accentuate the cleavage

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

Flattering fashion for plus-size women always emphasises the beautiful sides with specific cuts, colours, and details. For example, if you like your breasts and they décolleté very much, you can show that and emphasize it beautifully.

 This works, for example, with V-necks and wrap dresses. Blouses and tunics with a beautiful V-neck are available en masse, grab loose models with flowing fabric quality and combine them with wide Marlene pants. Bright colours are almost a must with dark trousers, and vertical stripes are also the best here,


 5. Shapewear for underneath

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

Of course, a little cheating is always allowed - with shapewear, you can cheat your problem areas down a size in no time.

The tops, bodies, and tights or panties are also wonderfully comfortable, thanks to super-elastic materials. The shaping underwear is particularly convincing under narrow and body-hugging dresses and skirts.

A bodysuit to cheat on your stomach or waist pants that conjure up your thighs slimmer should always be ready in your lingerie drawer.



And Here Are A Few Tips for You on What You Should Avoid

 • Never buy clothes that are too tight – you only radiate the self-confidence that suits you perfectly if you feel 100% comfortable. In addition, tight clothing is, of course, also bulky.


 • Want something quick and casual to throw on? Then don't go for a short blazer - extended models with a bit of waist are much better suited and do not bulk up on the hips.


 • If you don't want to emphasize your large bust size too much, avoid flounces, ruffles, or other details on tops because that only adds unnecessary bulk.


 • Do you love boot-cut jeans? Then don't wear them with flat shoes like sneakers, because they make you look stockier and broader. It's best to wear heels or other high-heeled shoes.

Styling tip for Oversized Women - Hangout Hub

Final Words

Anyone who heeds these tips will always put themselves in the right light, even as a woman with curves. The most important rule is: Emphasize what is extraordinary (e.g. a beautiful cleavage) and hide what not everyone should see. Curves are something great, so you can present yourself with self-confidence even in size XXL. 


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